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My sister, Jennifer Anne Van Dalen, to be called Jen

To my sister
Born 4th February 1967
Passed away 23 February 2016
I have promised for a while now to put Jen's photo's onto some form of forum for everyone to see.
Apologies for the length of time.
This is all of the photos that I thought would show her at her best. There are more.
I have scanned and tidied up the pictues to a degree but not spent heaps of time on them.
If there has been a description from the back of the picture, I have titled the image as such .
Some images I have titled from memory.
I hope that these bring some great memories and perhaps some questions as well :) although most are from her time in NZ.
If you know a person or can title/retitle an image then let me know
Soon I will try to get her negatives scanned as well

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